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Ibolya & Crispin Read
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Ibolya and her team work across the East Midlands.  As a graduate from the Budapest University of Economic Sciences, Ibolya built on her MSc in Business Administration by undertaking professional training within the banking sector.  Ibolya brought this experience with her as she moved into the UK SME market as a Finance Manager responsible for all elements within this function.  

Having developed her own portfolio, Ibolya is highly focussed on her client’s objectives, working with them to implement process, embed financial structure and create ownership.  Working closely with a client, Ibolya introduced systems to allow the four divisional managers to take responsibility for their own budgets and to actively monitor efficiencies; this is a core component of the drive to target 15% savings across the group against the strategic plan.

Ibolya is working closely with another client to deliver their exit strategy and prepare the business for sale within a three year period.  Her energy and commitment to the vision is driving major efficiencies to meet profitability targets, from rearranging loan facilities with investors to refinement of organisational procedure.