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Welcome to 8020 Financial Management

8020 is a national network of highly experienced finance directors, financial controllers and finance managers who share a passion for supporting the SME market in the UK.

We work on a part-time basis for each of our clients, providing them access to highly experienced finance professionals but at a fraction of the cost of employing a full-time member of staff.


Our focus is on working with entrepreneurs and the SME market to put financial controls into place and deliver accurate, real-time key performance data.

We support businesses with management accounts, cash-flow forecasts, budgeting and KPI development, working with management teams to realise the full potential in their businesses.





With 8020 you receive expert support at the fraction of the cost of a full time member of staff.

Our network of 80FinanceDirectorS work closely with their clients and bring a wealth of experience to the Boardroom and senior management teams of our clients. Take a look at some of the profiles of our Directors to see a little more of what makes us so special.



A university business graduate with 9 years experience of working in Financial Management roles with clients. Ibolya has a great local team supporting her in her work with clients.

Gordon’s experience in the catering and leisure industry is second to none in the network.

With many years in senior Sales and performance management roles Chris spends as much time looking at the Finances as the sales management processes of his client businesses.

Nathans work has taken him into a large international business requiring expertise in foreign trade and complicated financing arrangements

Neil has developed a niche expertise in Wholesale organizations and overseen the integration of bespoke software systems into a number of clients.

To find an 8020FinanceDirector for your business please visit our Office Locator where you will find the office closest to you.

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