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Here at 8020 we believe that all businesses large and small should have an expert managing and guiding their finances on a day to day basis.† That is why we created the 8020FinanceDirector.

Employing a full time person in this role will often mean paying a salary and benefits in excess of £50,000 per annum.† To meet this requirement for an expert and a more affordable solution we created the 8020FinanceDirector.† We have made it possible for our clients to enjoy all the benefits of a Finance Director at a fraction of the full time cost.

Our 8020 Finance Directors are passionate about what they do and bring a wealth of experience from both inside and outside of financial management to their clients.† As individuals they are business owners in their own right and as such have to sell, plan, organise and finance their own companies.† This is an empathy that is so important when working with clients.† We feel the same pain and anxiety experienced by all our clients.

We have developed in the last 10 years some of the most technologically advanced accounting systems and processes which when integrated to a business allow the clients to benefit from

  • Instant and up to date financial data on their business, through online and web hosted accounting software
  • A complete or partial outsource of their bookkeeping and accounting processes
  • Freedom to work on their business and away from the financial matters and concerns
  • Comfort that their finances are being expertly managed and controlled on a day to day basis. Stress busting!
  • Creation of a Ďworking financial modelí of their company to test and run Ďwhat-if scenariosí
  • A full financial budgeting, forecasting and business planning function
  • A complete suite of standard and bespoke management reports and accounts, including Profit & Loss, Cashflow and Balance Sheets, Budget Variance reports, Prior year comparisons, KPI data.
  • Access 24/7 to their†8020FinanceDirector and the 8020 support network of experts in standard working hours
  • Backed by a national network which is British Franchise Association accredited, all our 8020 Finance Directors carry full Professional Indemnity Insurance cover. Re-assuring in such an uncertain world.

Taking steps to change the way you manage and control the finances in your business will be a big step and we donít expect any of our new clients to do so lightly.† Our clients come from all sectors and are of varying sizes but all tend to have common themes some of which you may recognize below

  • I want to spend more time working on the business, not running around always watching the finances, checking the accounts processing, doing the accounts processing, not knowing our financial performance, or worrying about all the things I donít know, I donít know.
  • I want to have a clear view of what the performance levels of the business must be to achieve its goals.† I want targets and a way of monitoring our performance.
  • I know I have a great business but I need help to pull all the loose ends together. Its difficult to see the wood for the trees and another set of eyes working with me that understands the business, would be great.
  • I want to know that my accountsí staff, are doing the job correctly. I canít be sure they are either up to date, or are efficient.† I only find out when the Accountant gives me back my accounts 9 months after the year end and thats too late.
  • I want to know if my finances are sufficient at all times. I donít want to run out of money and be embarrassed or let people down
  • I want the Bank to lend me money. I canít afford for the Bank to stop supporting me at a critical time.† I need to know that we are in their good books and a good credit risk at all times.
  • The Bank are asking for Cashflow Forecasts and Management Accounts. They are asking for management accounts, budgets and forecasts and we donít prepare them or they are just not accurate.
  • If I have a problem or a big strategic decision to make I want to discuss it with someone who is on my side, who can help or knows someone who can help. I donít want to flounder and worry that the problem just sits with me.† I know that the answer may be simple but I just canít get there at the moment.
  • We have a crisis and we need a survival plan in place to get through it.† When all the indicators are pointing in the wrong direction I know I must take a serious look at the business and look at the fundamental causes of its distress.

It was only by understanding these concerns and issues that we were able to bring our solution to the market place so successfully over the last ten years.

At 8020 we pride ourselves on the way we can bring solutions to all businesses that are experiencing these issues but donít take our word for it.† Take a look at our Client testimonials and see what an†8020FinanceDirector has contributed to their businesses.

So whether you are large or small business and would like to benefit from having your own financial management expert please go to our Office Locator and find the 8020FinanceDirector working closest to your business.

Good luck and thank you for considering 8020 Financial Management.