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Chris Tooley
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Chris joined 8020 with over twenty years’ experience in sales, marketing and general management roles with responsibility for functional budgeting and financial reporting.  During this time he applied his knowledge and experience predominantly within the healthcare sector, working for both market leading multi-nationals and investor led start-ups.

Chris subsequently built on this platform, entering the market as a business consultant to work predominantly with healthcare, dental and veterinary companies.  His main focus during this period was to streamline internal functions through product line rationalisation; for one client this delivered an overhead reduction of £300k per annum.

Since joining 8020 in 2006 Chris has worked with a variety of clients in the SME market, from start ups to charities to more established companies.  Chris instigated and led the transition for a charity migrating their finance function to an online service; he also developed and delivered the systems training for the finance team.  This intervention alone has seen a reduction of accounting team resource by 80%.

Working with a membership organisation, Chris conducted a thorough review of the finance function which highlighted the area of supplier management; in pursuit of best value he reviewed the supplier database and renegotiated terms, resulting in a 22% saving for his client.