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Business Planning

We encourage all of our clients to take a strategic look at their business and its objectives. We want our clients to realise the potential of their business and create an action plan that will deliver results.

We have discovered that those people who take their business seriously and have ambition, do indeed always have a Plan. However that Plan is all too often, stuck in the head of the business owner and is rather susceptible to selective memory recall and repeated revisions! So how much better could it be?

Our experience of over 20 years working closely with all types of business from large £10m+ turnover companies through to small one person enterprises, gives us an objective edge in any such Business planning process.
The process need not be complicated nor indeed time consuming, we merely focus on clearly defined objectives and help all concerned to create and achieve their vision of the future.

  • Our clients are able to work with the 8020 BIT™ system which helps them to analyse their business and identify the strengths and weaknesses which ultimately will determine just how successful they will be.
  • We involve the wider management team and outside experts to generate the best analysis of the business and its pathway going forwards
  • All 8020 Plans have at their core a financial model of the business allowing the team to ‘test’ and run ‘what-if scenarios’ of their Company.
  • Out of all our Plans falls the Action Plan with clearly defined processes for managing accountability and the tasks to be performed.
  • To guide us all on our progress down the path to success we ensure that our clients have Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s). We report on these at agreed regular intervals and this prompts proactive responses to situations either occurring or predicted to occur.

Remember the old adage….”Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail”