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8020 Business Optimiser :: Cost reduction

Can you agree with the following statements ?

  • I do not want to spend more money than I have to.
  • I want my purchases to be value for money.
  • I want to know that we have checked all areas of the business to cut out waste.
  • I want an expert to tell me where I might make more savings where I cannot see them.

I am sure that you will agree with most of those statements. It is strange therefore that whilst every business owner will generally detest the idea of wasting money, so many will fail to put in controls and processes to avoid waste and losing money.

Engaging an 8020 Finance Director will make sure that all the necessary controls are put in place and monitored effectively to avoid needless expenditure.

Our work will involve the following

  • Implementing the 8020 Business Optimiser™.
    • We overview the purchasing practices of your staff.
    • We review the VAT returns to ensure reclaims are maximised
    • We review the financial structure of the business
  • We set cost budgets and can provide tools to monitor actual performance against budget
    • This significantly helps the process of delegation of responsibility and accountability within the business

You will be amazed, that with just a one day initial review, how much in potential annual savings can be generated.

Our testimonials include a company called IODA Ltd who saved over £11,000 in VAT which had been overpaid because they were not aware of that some of their costs were VAT reclaimable. Only the 8020 Finance Director identified this despite the attentions of a top six national accounting firm and a succession of employed Finance professionals.

The 8020 Business Optimiser is offered to clients and non-clients alike on a NO WIN - NO FEE basis. If you would like to learn more please do not hesitate to contact your local 8020 Finance Director who will be delighted to complete a review at your earliest convenience.

After all with NO WIN – NO FEE..what do you have to lose?